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How To Build A 3 Bedroom House And Save on Costs In The Villlage

The desire to build your own house is the first step in the process of owning a home. House construction is not a walk in the park as many own homers will tell you. It requires planning and proper financing.

Planning is the key and any means to acquire the raw materials for construction cheaply is advised especially for people still looking for financial freedom.

For a brick house, make your own bricks. A 3 bedroom house will require an average of 8000 bricks. In the village, 2 to 3 men can make such an amount after 14 days. The standard brick size is brickwork is 225 mm x 112.5 mm x 75 mm (length x depth x height). This includes 10 mm mortar joints, and so the standard size for a brick itself is 215 mm x 102.5 mm x 65 mm (length x depth x height).

3 men working for 14 days at a standard village price of 500 shillings per day will only be 21,000 shillings. When bought, it will cost 80,000 at 10 shillings per brick. This means you are saving close to 60,000.

Sand is another locally available material back in the village. Don't buy already harvested sand. Hire people to harvest the sand for you. About 4- 5 lorries will be enough amount of sand for a 3 bedroom house. 1 lorry of sand now goes for in the villages between 17,000 to 20000 shilling depending on the location. However, when you bypass the intermediaries, it's between 9,000 to 12,000 shillings. This means you can save close to 55,000 shillings on the sand.

With this plan, therefore, one Can save upto 115,000 shillings.

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