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Good News to Kenyans as the Prices Of the Following Prices Expected to Decrease

The life of most Kenyans have been hard following increase of goods and service. It has been revealed that prices of commodities have increased almost double the initial price. Due to this, some Kenyans have been forced to skip meals in order to sustain their lives.

According to new reports, Kenyans will expect reduction of cooking oil prices as Indonesia which produces palm oil used for production of cooking oil, as recently uplifted the ban of palm oil exports to various countries. As a results, now most countries including Kenya will expect decrease of cooking oil.

This comes when the cost of living has been increasing day per day with most Kenyans find themselves difficult to sustain life. Foodstuffs are among commodities that Kenyans urge the government to reduce their cost.

The government should intervene to ensure that the cost of common commodities such as foodstuffs are reduced significantly had before the increase of goods and services.

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