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Man Who Was Killed After Invention Of Car Model That Used Water Instead Of Fuel

As the world continues to adopt new technologies and new ideas, in the past we have had great and famous people who paid the ultimate price and some with their own lives. Whenever there is a new invention or a new idea it is supposed to make life easier and simpler and sometimes new inventions can even threaten existing inventions that may not survive.

new inventions and thus new ones always lead to the death of the old one.  Mr Stanley Meyer is an inventor who paid dearly with his own life after making one of the most powerful inventions that would have revolutionized the entire planet.  As we speak, the invention ceased because the inventor no longer exists.

Stanley's invention was one of the most incredible and had he been alive today, it would have fundamentally changed our world. In the 1990s, Stanley came up with the idea and technology that would allow a fuel-powered car to use water instead. We all know that fuel is one of the most valuable commodities in the world today.

People and the cost of fuel would have been invested in other important things.  Rising oil prices have made this product unaffordable, especially for low-income people in some parts of the world. He had travelled all over the country to show his idea; If the idea were backed and adopted by the government, it would usher in the collapse of oil and fuel markets around the world, so everything had to be done to make it happen.

Make sure that the project is not taken over. While he was at a restaurant with his brother, Heitmann was sent and was murdered and died of food poisoning, and that was in March 1998. The last words he said to his brother were, "I was poisoned "and then he exhales for the last time.  

It was more obvious that it was Stanley's invention that led to his assassination, and his death remains a mystery many years later. Many years later it is still unclear what caused Stanley's death and the fact that he murdered him because of his invention has yet to be established his murder

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