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KPLC Announces a Long Electricity Blackout on Wednesday, March 17, Check if You Will be Affected

KPLC has scheduled a huge power interruption that is scheduled on Wednesday, March 17, in several areas in different counties. The power outage will affect those who live in these places from morning to evening hours. 

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company is a public liability company that has the mandate of supplying, transmission, connectivity as well as retail of electricity energy in Kenya. The Utility company is the only public corporation that is allowed to sell electricity to the citizens of Kenya.

The Kenya Power has been carrying out network maintenance which end up resulting to very long electricity outages. KPLC also does the installation of electricity to new customers which also lead to long electricity interruptions. Blackout can also occur every moment there is a sabotage of the electricity grid system. For instance the sabotage of power transformers end up causing blackouts.

Yesterday, the Kenya Power and Lighting Company started the crackdown of illegally installed electricity. This crackdown is set to continue for unspecified period of time. According to the Kenya Power, the roll out of the campaign to stop the illegal connectivity of power in Kenya will be done countrywide. The power company termed the illegal connection of power as electricity theft. The process was initiated by the Kenya Power and Lighting Company's Managing Director Bernard Ngugi. This is therefore very important for Kenyans to learn and avoid the illegal power connections. The Kenya Power Management says that their aim is to dismantle all the illegal power installations in Kenya. According to the Kenya Power, illegal power connections in the country has resulted to the losses in revenue and many other disadvantages. 

The other negative impact of illegal power installation is that it cases overload to the transformers. This then leads to poor quality of electricity supplied to the customers in the areas served by that transformer. 

More important thing to note is that illegally installed power is not safe and is highly prone to accidents. This is because the installations do not adhere to the necessary standards.

Additionally technical losses do happen during the illegal supply of electricity. More over, KPLC suffer commercial losses when the power is illegally installed and the meter gets bypassed. In some other cases, the meter gets tampered with. The illegal power connection can lead to huge fines and also lead to long jail terms. It is therefore highly advisable that Kenyans should avoid illegal power installations.

Having learnt the above, you should note that there will be an electricity interruption for many hours tomorrow in the following parts of the country. Check if your area will be affected.

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