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Cost Of Car Washing Machines In Kenya Depending With The Model

Kenya is a growing country with majority of it population in the middle class level. These individuals in the middle class strive to purchase and majority of them have their own cars. People in this group in Kenya include teachers, doctors, engineers among many other people including business men also.

The rate at which Kenya middle class men buy vehicles is at the top rate and therefore if you start a serious car washing business you can pocket a good amount of money daily. This one way in which an individual can hustle and eat his own sweat rather than depending on support from fellow friends.

To start this business identify one place in a growing town or city where there is a space and ensure it is next to a stage, and the place is strategically located that will expose you to many customers.

Ensure also that there is availability of water among many other resources that you may need to serve your customers well.

There are two types of car washing machine, the electric car washing machine and the fuel car washing machine. You can decide which one you want to buy and therefore you can go for any.

The price of car washing machines varies from roughly 22,000 shillings to 95,000 shillings depending with the type and the model of the car washing machine you want to buy.

We have listed some of the car washing machines with there price in the next paragraph, you can look at the and find the one that you may prefer.

Galaxy 1800 psi - ( electrical single phase ) residential use: kshs 22,000

Tamashi 2300 psi - ( electrical single phase) commercial use: kshs 45,000

Pioneer 2700 psi - ( electrical single phase ) commercial use: kshs 58,000

Pacwell 3600 psi - ( electrical Three phase ) commercial use: 95,000

Aico high gasoline pressure washer: kshs 23,999

When buying a car washer machine consult the person at your service to ensure that you buy a washer machine with a good engine power, high pressure and high rate of water flow.

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