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Africa:The Longest River In Africa

Africa is the continent known to have more than 100 rivers.Some rivers are permanent while others are Seasonal.

These rivers defer in in depth,width and length and I will discuss them basing on length.

The longest river in Africa is river Nile covering a distance of about 6,670Km flowing from Eastern Africa to the North emptying it's water into Mediterranean Sea.

The second longest river in Africa is River Congo which is the world's deepest river.It covers a distance of about 4,700 Km.

River Congo flows from Congo Forest towards northwest,west and southwest before draining into Atlantic Ocean at Banana in DRC.

The third longest river in Africa is River Niger covering a distance of about 4,180Km running through Mali,Niger, on the border with Benin emptying it's water into Niger Delta.

The main tributary of River Niger in Venue.

These rivers are of much importance because they are fishing grounds of other countries like Nile in nigeria which generates income to the country and creates employment for people improving country's economy.

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