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Plant This To Get 200,000 In Three Months In One Hectare Of Land

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Which type of onion do you love. There are several types of onions which farmers grow. Some grow yellow onions, some garlic and many other types. Each type of onion is marketable and preferred by it's users. However I will talk of one type of onion because to me it is preferred because it is cheaper, and easy to grow. It doesn't require a nursery neither does it require pesticides which might be costly in terms of labour.

Green onions, also called scallions are onions which are very sweet when used with vegetables. The part that is harvested is both stem and leaves. The onion can do better in many types of climates. For a better recognition of scallions look at the photo below.

One hectare of farm can take 20,000 pits of scallions. In each pit, two or three stems are planted. This two or three will give more outgrowths which will spread and be bigger. During harvesting, one pit can give about 12 stems which cost about ksh 10 when bought in wholesale. This means that you can use ksh 10 to plant about five pits.

The cost of planting 20,000 pits is about Ksh 40,000. This is calculated by dividing 20000 pits by five then multiply by ten to get total cost required per hectare.

Assuming that the cost of tilling the land is ksh 10,000, you will need a total of ksh 50,000 to start until completion. Most farmers have a problem with starting capital. It is not easy to get ksh 50,000. However for those who have the capital and are ready to invest here is how it can profit you.

If you harvest 20, 000 pits and sell them at a minimum of ksh 10 each, the pits will give you ksh 200,000. However you can sell more than ksh 10 if the harvest is good. This will increase your profits.

These onions are used just like other onions. They are added to vegetables to add flavor. They are also added to all other foods to add flavor because of its good aroma.

The onions are very marketable. All people use them. They can never miss a market and the good thing is that they are never oversupplied in the market.

People prefer scallions because all parts are consumed. People consume both it's stem and leaves. Another important tip for farmers is that the onions don't require much pesticides. Few pests and diseases attack them.

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