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5 Things That Make People Lose Respect for You

1. Treating People Based on Personal Gain

People are often treated well if they are needed for any accomplishment or else they are ignored.

2. Self-Advertising

one should never advertise their accomplishments unless they are asked to, but sadly people do not leave a single chance to advertise themselves.

3. Talking about negative things

People do not listen to anyone completely with patience and in the midway only start talking about all negative things and become greatest demotivators who dampen the spirit of others

4. Interrupting when others are talking

People do not let others talk, which is irritating conduct. They don’t listen to the speaker with interest as they are busy giving their views in between

5. Not showing respect for others feelings

When a person is sharing his/her feelings with another person, then that means that they both trust and respect each other. Most people do not give privilege to other’s feelings and emotions or hardly care about anyone.

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