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Bitcoin Could Be Coming To An End And This Is Why

2020 marked a turning point for cryptocurrencies. Despite the devastation brought on by the global Covid- 19 outbreak, Bitcoin has smashed previous price records, mostly because to the growing institutional demand that many in the cryptocurrency community had projected would push the product to unthinkable heights. We do not believe that advancements in the cryptocurrency sector will remain positive until certain rules are in place. Proof- of- Work cryptos have just lately become an issue, despite the industry' s anticipation of growing regulatory scrutiny. According to recent reports, the European Union may soon ban cryptocurrency mining because of energy issues.

The main proponents of an EU- wide ban on cryptocurrency mining are Swedish politicians, who are worried that renewable energy is being utilized to mine cryptocurrencies like bitcoin rather than being directed for public use. The demand has the support of the presidents of Germany, Spain, and Norway.

The energy required for the mining process, which is how new digital coins are created, is cryptocurrency' s most obvious environmental impact. Despite the fact that the majority of people are only aware with Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies also use mining. But since Bitcoin' s introduction, mining to produce new coins has become more and more challenging.

The 21 million unit restriction on the currency means that when more are produced, there are fewer available for mining and more processing power is needed to mint new ones. The estimated carbon footprint produced by the electricity- producing power plants is a significant source of environmental worry. According to projections, a single Bitcoin transaction will use 2, 292. 5 kilowatt- hours of electricity, or around 78 days' worth to power a typical US home. The EU had previously advocated an absolute prohibition on Proof- of- Work cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, whose value is partially based on how much energy is used to process them, but the group has gradually modified that stance.

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