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Meet A Former Makanga Who Owns 32 Vehicles In Nairobi, Lessons From His Inspiring Story

The matatu industry is seen as one big financial Bermuda triangle where many budding investors have burnt their fingers with a majority vowing never to go back there.

From crafty Makangas and drivers to an army of traffic police officers with insatiable appetite for bribes, very few investors recoup their investments in this industry that is a grave yard for many dreams.

Nevertheless, there are remnants who have decided to face their demons and to some extent they have registered great success.

One such example is Shoko beko who started as a Makanga back in 2003 where-by he used to earn ksh 150.

Shoko Belo during an interview with Citizen TV.

Speaking to Citizen TV, Mr Shoko revealed how he became a supervisor in 2005 and a manager in 2007.

All along, he used to save his money and in 2008, he bought his first Matatu on loan having deposited ksh 800000 from his savings.

From one Matatu, Mr Shoko is now a proud owner of 32 vehicles and he has his own SACCO.


1 He cites introduction of various levies by the county gorvenment as one great hurdle that is really eating into profits.

2 high fuel cost. He says when he bought his first Matatu, diesel used to go for ksh 54 a litter. That is no longer the case and this has a huge impact on profits.

Others challenges are those related to motor insurance and the current COVID-19 containment messures.

From Shoko beko's testimony, we learn the following:

1 with determination to succeed, it's possible for one to break new grounds and scale new heights irespective of the current circumstances.

2 there is power in saving. It doesn't matter how much you earn. Just remember to save something and with time you will be surprised by the end result. Don't wait to get a serious job for you to start saving, it's a culture.

3 Loans are good if put into the right use. When invested into money generating activities, they can transform lives.

4 Most busineses require you to be hands on. His success can be attributed to the fact that he had a lot of knowledge about Matatu Industry and also was a player.

Go for your dream and don't fear. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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