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How To Make A Commission Of 650 Shillings On Selling Only 20 Litres Of Cooking Oil.

Most of people prefer using cooking oil to cooking fat because cooking oil is more healthier and is the most form of cooking oil that many people use currently in Kenya.

Kenya has a population of over 40 million people that is actually according to last census statistics, imagine all these people consume food prepared using cooking oil and of there are individual who don't use cooking oil then can in only be 0.005% of the total population.

With these huge population which leads to high consumption or usage of cooking oil you can invest in this business and be sure of getting a huge profit.

There are two ways on how you can initiate his business and I will take you through all of them and how you can manage them all at the same time if you are willing to do so.

The first way is to ally with a cooking oil company and buy from them directly. When you buy from the directly they will give a discount on every items you buy from them. Let's say you wanted to buy 50 containers of 20 litres cooking oil, they can give a discount according to how the calculate discount because this varies depending with the company.

After you have bought your items just open a small shop in any place be it urban or rural where you can secure place provided you have identified place with many people.

This is the best way on how you can make a good profit from your business. Have a measuring can of 1 litre and when you want to make sells, sell per litre, a quarter litre or half a litre depending with the quantity your customer wants to buy.

20 litres cooking oil cost 3,150 and if you sell it at 190 per litre then you will make (20×190) which 3,800 shillings therefore this means that you will make a commission of ( 3,800-3150) which is 650 shillings.

If you sell all your (50× 20) which is 1,000 litres then you will have a profit of (650× 50) which is 32,500 shillings.

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