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Kenyan Billionaire Who Walked From Arusha Tanzania To Thika Kenya

Behind most successful person, there's a story of sacrifice. Most people earn their cash through hard work and grunt. Some start from humble beginnings to become one of the richest men in the society.

That's the story of Kenyan billionaire SK Macharia. After years of political interference and struggle, Macharia got a relieve when Mwai Kibaki came into power. Under President Moi, his media licences had been revoked.

With Kibaki embracing freedom of the media, SK Macharia got his license back for Royal Media Services. Citizen TV, Citizen Radio and Inooro FM would become one of the popular media channels in the country. He would add other vernacular radio stations under Royal Media Services like Musyi FM, Ramogi FM among others.

Despite the billions raked in by the business mogul, many do not understand his humble and poor beginnings. He once walked from Tanzania to his home in Ndakaini a journey that took two years.

Macharia had relocated with his family to Arusha Tanzania because of harsh colonial times in Kenya. When the British government ordered a crackdown and repatriation of Kenyan MauMau dissidents in Tanzania, Macharia had no option but try to find his way back home.

In the company of Masai herders, he started a long painful journey back home. It took two years to reach Thika. That's where he parted ways with his Masai brothers and started looking for his home village in Ndakaini.

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