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Two MOST PROFITABLE farming practices to establish in 2022.

The agricultural sector contributes to about sixty percent of the gross domestic product in Kenya. This is through processing and manufacturing of agricultural products that has employed thirty five percent of the total population. The covid-19 pandemic has left many people jobless and thus the need to refocus and renovate the private agricultural sector. Agricultural activities can be practiced in both small and large scale depending on the amount of capital available. Below are the two most profitable farming practices to establish in Kenya.

1. Poultry farming: it entails keeping of poultry for egg and meat production. For increased profits, one has to practice large scale poultry production. There is more demand for poultry products as Kenya imports eggs from Uganda hence a ready market. This venture earns money daily, weekly or monthly depending on the type of production the farmer chooses.

2. Tomato production: it entails growing of tomatoes in greenhouses for commercial purposes. Tomatoes attract a ready market both locally and internationally for kitchen and factory use. A crate of tomatoes goes for six thousand kenyan shillings in the low season thus huge profits. Tomatoes are produced mainly in the western and central regions of Kenya.

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