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KPLC Announces a Very Long Electricity Blackout on Thursday, June 10, Check if You Will be Affected

KPLC announces a very long electricity blackout on Thursday, June 10, check if you will be affected.

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company has now aborted the plans it had to tame the losses the company has been making in the last several years. 

The Kenya Power had advertised a tender seeking advisory in its plans to reduce the huge debts that are weighing the company down. The Kenya Power and Lighting Company also had aimed at curbing the illegal power installations and electricity theft as well as reducing the costs incurred to employ workers. 

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company canceled the plans to reduce costs of operations by first making changes to a tender notice which the company had issued out indicating that it was looking forward to firing some of its workers and reduce office workers while increasing field workers. The Kenya Power has however taken a new twist in this plan and has cancelled this plan which had faced a lot of criticism from unions and Labour relations. 

As a result of financial crisis facing the Kenya Power and Lighting Company, it was also seeking technical adviser to help come up with a new strategy and negotiation procedure with the power producers such as KenGen. This was aiming at helping the Kenya Power and Lighting Company reduce idle bulk power which result to making losses. 

The Kenya Electricity Generating Company usually generates power in excess which is a concern for KPLC since the power distributor usually pays for all the bulk generated power even at the time when there is no market to sell the power.

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company has also been facing a very huge operation costs, low profit and very huge system losses.

Turning to electricity blackout updates, the Kenya Power and Lighting Company is set to interrupt power tomorrow in the following parts of the country.

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