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How to get the salary you deserve no matter the job

Not asking for what you are worth in your first job can cost you hundreds of thousands of shillings through your career.

According to the World Economic Forum women get paid less than men for the same job. The question therefore is:how can a woman go about achieving the goal of good remuneration?

1.Do your research before going for an interview. Every job has a salary range, it is important to find out these information before heading for the job interview.

2.Make yourself indispensable.The only reason why your employer would want to add you mors money is because they do not want to lose you.

3Argue your point without pointing fingers. Yiu should avoid pulling in others who should not be involved when arguing for salary increment.

4.Do your homework about the organisation. Find out who is the highest paid in the company and the least paid as well as what they do.

5.Upskill.Gaining new and modern skills, is absolutely imperative in a fast changing world where more and more jobs are becoming obsolete.

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