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Tarmac Roads Are The Business Magnets In Nairobi

Nairobi metropolis has grown over the years to become a region of extensive business opportunities. The economic hub is infiltrated with world-class infrastructure beyond compare. The capital city attracts millions of Kenyans and non-Kenyans alike. The business culture of Nairobi has consistently contributed a significant portion to the country's GDP.

Roads have a long history of fostering development and urbanization and Nairobi is also following suit. President Uhuru Kenyatta took Batton from Kibaki's project of the Thika superhighway and has expanded the road network in Nairobi. The superhighway connects a vast region of trade between Nairobi and its neighboring counties.

The advent of tarmac roads in residential areas in the capital has sparked a reaction in the minds of innovative Kenyans. Small businesses have mushroomed along these roads and are booming especially after the dry spell experienced during the vivid 19 pandemics. Entrepreneurs in businesses are on the rise and Nairobi is on the verge of becoming a business arena not seen before.

Kenya's reputation for quality leads companies to choose Nairobi |  Financial Times

The prevailing credence in the minds of many Kenyans is business is the way to go. Therefore the large population of Nairobi provides an untapped diverse market for business minds. The arrival of new roads at the doorsteps of Nairobi residents motivates them to set up micro-business to earn a living. Is this the solution to the high rate of unemployment in Kenya? Well, it's a good start.

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The common small businesses that have come along these residential roads include,retail shops,supermarkets,boutiques,butcheries,cyber cafes,hardware stores,restaurants,schools,clinics,chemists,salons,barbershops,money agents,food vendors,electronic shops,bars,pubs and many more.The roads have also led to a spike in the construction of residential apartments and plazas. On a larger scale, roads act as a prerequisite for large government and private investments through projects.

Section of Thika Road to be closed from Friday to Sunday- KeNHA -

Roads provide accessibility and open up the city to more entrepreneurship. Tarmac roads are a silver lining for the unemployed because they promote exponential growth in the long run. If you are business-minded then hit the road.

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