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Selling Mitumba Is Highly Overated But Here Is How Smart People Are Doing Things Differently

Every region of Kenya has their own day in which open air market operates. Most regions prefer to set their market days from Monday to Saturday. This are the days of the week that you will witness massive number of people flooding the markets. Those who sell their goods will ensure that they keep time and also update their customers with new goods evey market day. The popular goods sold in our open air markets are usually mitumba clothes and shoes.[Photo Courtesy]

The sellers decided to major in those kind of goods since many Kenyans prefer cheap things that can keep their pocket safe. However, the markets are now flooded with the same items from one business person to another. This has led the amount of income to reduce for some people who are not active with their customers. You will here them shouting and chanting sweet words to entice their customers to buy their products. If you are not ready to make noice as a business person, be sure that you will return home with your products unsold.

Since the mitumba market is flooded and goods are not selling well for some people, others have migrate to where money will come easily and without competition. People have done their investigation and made a report in what customers need right now. For that reason, they have come up with business idea that are not very common. The first one is selling cutlery whereby people are selling utensils which include cooking pots, bowls, spoons ,dishes , cooking stick and many more.

The business has flourished for some people since university students are joining and they need to buy new things to start a new life. The goods are being sold at a higher rate than those mitumba that people are over relying on it. Another things is that people are selling electronic appliances which is somehow lucrative. One business man was selling some electronic equipments which all of them were going at KSH.100.

For the case of the man selling the electric appliances, by his side he had also some cheap things like knives, sieves and other home use appliance. If you are looking for a business idea, you can concur with me that only a few people are the one who do such business in every market. If you are a business person or you want to start, you can survey your market place and see how many people are doing it. If they are less that five then you are in the safe side.

Does your market have this kind of business which have less population doing it. Share with us any other business ideas that you think might help someone out here. Additionally, share this story to your friends and do not forget to like and follow this page for more updates.

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