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Business Management analysis

Invest Only 18,000 in This Business and Make More Than 5,000 in a Week

Have you have been thinking about a business that you can invest your many and make good money, this articles can give you a business idea you need. So many people fail in life just because they fear to invest, they always fear to start a business and fail or even makes loses. Each and every business has it own risks. If you start a business, you get to learn and come up with strategies to make sure your business is successful.I got to do a research about so many mtumba businesses and I came across one that really pays so well. Sometimes back I thought that men blazers are only sold in boutique, later i came to realize that mtumba bales usually have amazing blazers that men love. A 45kg bale of mtumba blazer cost 18000.This bale has about 80 to 100 pieces of blazers that are in good condition. All you need to do is wash and iron them so that they can look presentable.

One piece of blazers goes at a cost of 300 and above depending with it quality and look. In a work you can even sell one bale depending with your hard work. What and marketing. If you manage to sell about 80 blazers at this price, you will already have 24,000.This means that one bale can make you a good profit of about 6000 to 8000.This is good money in a week. These bales are always available in Nairobi, you just need to order abd visit and buy.

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