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5 Alternatives to AdSense

Monetizing a blog or website is one of the easiest ways to earn some passive income. And, one of the best ways of monetizing a site is through Google AdSense. The platform allows publishers to place advertisements on their posts, and earn a commission from every ad click by visitors. However, AdSense is not the only ad network out there. Nowadays, ad networks are in plenty, and you’re basically spoiled for choice.

Here, I look at some of the best alternatives to AdSense that can potentially help you in increasing your income sources on the web.


If AdSense hasn’t worked for you, or you’re looking to expand your earning potential, you can try The ad network was created by Yahoo and Bing, and it’s one of the best AdSense alternatives for small websites and larger sites too. is a prominent technology firm that deals with the innovative creation of advertising products for marketers and publishers. The company’s primary operation centers are in Bangalore, Dubai, Los Angeles, Mumbai, New York, and Zurich, where they have at least 500 employees.

As one of the leading ad networks out there, only approves sites that possess premium content, regardless of the size. In addition, if you want to join, your account must meet the following requirements as well:

·        Have English content

·        Get most of its traffic from Canada, USA or U.K.

·        Contain original web content that is regularly updated

·        Possess a reasonable amount of content and daily visitors

·        Be free of excessive advertisements

·        Have an easy-to-navigate design

·        Adhere to intellectual property rights

·        Be free of content that is related to pornography, alcohol, drugs, and any illegal niches

The application process for the account is straightforward and quick. Just head over to the registration page and enter your website link, email address and country of residence. takes up to two business days to approve accounts, which is very convenient. If your application is accepted, you’ll get to earn a commission from high-performance contextual adverts, and well-paying native ads.

On the downside, ads require double clicks, and the traffic must come from the UK, USA and Canada only for you to earn. However, is a worthwhile AdSense alternative, because it provides contextually relevant ads for your specific content. That means your odds of receiving many ad clicks are higher. offers two payment modes for publishers: Payoneer and Wire Transfer. It doesn’t support PayPal anymore, and you need to reach a minimum threshold of $100 in order to withdraw.

2.    Adsterra

Another worthwhile alternative to AdSense is Adsterra. It is a sleek network with exceptional ad formats and high volume of prominent brands. Adsterra offers a superb solution to publishers and advertisers seeking something different from Google.

All adverts go through a fraud detection system, which guards your website against malware. It’s easy to use Adsterra, because all you have to do is place a code on your site and monitor campaigns via a control panel.

Adsterra serves more than 10 billion ad impressions monthly, and covers at least 190 nations. Moreover, advertisers and publishers get a wide range of ad types, which cover hundreds of locations across the world.

However, you must meet the following requirements to become a publisher on Adsterra:

·        You must have a minimum of 5,000 monthly impressions

·        Your content should not contain an adult or illegal niche

·        You must possess a custom domain

The sign up process is easy. Simply go to the sign up page, and input your full name, email address and press continue. The approval process for an Adsterra account is a few minutes.

Payments are made every 15 days through Bitcoin, PayPal, Paxum, Payza, Wire Transfer, ePayments, Webmoney or Skrill. The minimum payout amount is $50 or $100 depending on the preferred payment method.

3.    Infolinks

Are you looking for an alternative way to monetize a text-heavy website? Infolinks might be the way to go. The platform’s ad blocks are similar to those of AdSense, and they are suitable for any site with lengthy blog posts. However, if your site doesn’t have a lot of text, Infolinks might not work for you.

Nevertheless, Infolinks is easy to set up and manage. All you need to do is go to the registration page, and if your site meets the requirements, you’ll be approved within 1-2 days. After your account is active, the network will automatically show ads on your posts, and you’ll begin to make money straight away.

The platform is open to both big and small publishers, and has no minimum page view or traffic requirements. However, your site should be free of violence, discriminatory language, harmful material, spamming, online gambling, and obscene adult content.

Infolinks minimum payout amount is $50, and the payment modes are ACH, eCheck, PayPal, Payoneer, and Bank Wire.

4.    BuySellAds

With BuySellAds, you earn 75 cents for each ad-generated dollar, which is a very high rate. In addition, the minimum payout threshold is just $20 with PayPal, or $50 with checks. BuySellAds may be just want you need to monetize your blog.

Although the returns are attractive, getting approved on BuySellAds is tough. Your website must contain English content and must have a custom domain for it to be eligible.

5.    Adversal

The Adversal ad network lets you set up advertisements in minutes. It is easy-to-use and highly intuitive, because you can begin, pause or stop campaigns at any time. Adversal is a suitable option for bloggers who have not been approved for AdSense. The CPM ad network offers a range of ad types including pop-under, banners, leader boards, skyscrapers, and medium rectangles.

Adversal account eligibility requirements include:

·        You must have a custom domain

·        Your website should have been active for a minimum of 60 days

·        You site’s layout should be functional and adequate

·        You should have original content that is made up of a minimum of two pages

·        Your site should not have excessive promotional material

·        You must have a privacy policy

·        Your web content should not be restricted by logins

·        The website should be complete, and not under any construction

·        The site should not be associated with illegal, hateful, or violent content

It takes 3 to 5 business days for Adversal to approve or refute an application. The minimum payout amount is just $20, which is extremely low. Payment methods are bank wire, check, PayPal and ACH.

The mentioned Google AdSense alternatives are a nice way to expand passive income from a blog or website.  

Content created and supplied by: AliceNjambi (via Opera News )



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