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Surviving the hard economic times resulting from Covid-19

With Covid 19, life has become incredibly hard. Owing to the massive job losses, many are surviving on less than 2 dollars a day. These difficult times can take a heavy toll on your mood, health, and outlook. It can leave you feeling helpless and overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. Knowing how to cut down on your spending, however, may come in handy to help you survive with the already low finances. You can try the following ways to help you cut down your surviving costs:

Walk or cycle to work.

Walking or riding to work not only lets you save money on fuel but also saves hospital fees. Walking or riding keeps your body fit keeping you away from diseases. If you must use the car, consider sharing rides. Ask workmates who live and work near you to share car rides with you to work. Carpooling will pay off in the long run.

The Benefits of Power Walking for Mental Health - Exploring your mind

Cut down on food expenses.

Set aside a few hours while not busy and make a load of different dishes that prepares you for the whole week. Having cooked food that's ready to eat with only being popped in the microwave makes you not tempted to order takeaways like fries and pizza. Having sweet potatoes and arrowroots is a cheap and healthy option for breakfast as compared to loaves and sausages. Homemade blended juices are also a cheap option for carbonated soft drinks.

Boiled Arrow root and sweet potatoes Recipe by lovina - Cookpad

Cutting down on electricity bills.

If you haven't already, buy energy-saving bulbs. LED bulbs use less energy as compared to incandescent bulbs. Unplug gadgets like televisions and microwaves because they tend to use standby power, even when off. Consider also maximizing natural light usage.

3 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Consumption - wikiHow

Cut on beauty costs.

Do you know that all the skin needs to look healthy and plump is a good diet, plenty of water, and hydration? You could also apply almond or coconut oil. They are really cheap and will leave your skin looking incredible.Almond Oil: What Are the Benefits?

Look for inexpensive entertainment options.

Watch T.V and movies at home as opposed to going to the movie theaters. Any money you save is money you don’t have to spend on entertainment. Look for activities that you and your kids can engage in together as opposed to taking them to the fun parks. Also, doing yoga activities, taking nature runs, and other exercises at home yields the same result as going to the gym, the only added advantage is that there are no membership fees.

Growing vegetables and rearing poultry in your backyard.

Do you know that you can grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits in your backyard? Kales, spinach, terere, rosemary, tomatoes, strawberries among others can easily be grown with less labor required.

If you live in a rented house, you can plant them in containers and put them around the balcony area.

Keeping chicken not only ensures you have a supply of eggs but also that of meat. The chicken can be fed from food leftovers.

The surplus can be sold to generate cash.

Crops for a Windy Balcony or Roof - Harvest to Table

Reduce or eliminate consumable habits like smoking, miraa, and alcohol.

Drinking and smoking can be a constant drain on a budget without any real benefit. Drop the habit and your wallet will breathe a serious sigh of relief. The money you use to buy the packet of cigarettes or the bottle of beer may not seem like much daily but do the maths monthly or annually and you will be surprised what else it can do.

Somali "paradise flower" chewers savour low-price bliss after UK ban |  Reuters

Write down your monthly expenses.

The best way to cut your monthly expenses is to figure out exactly what your current monthly expenses are. Do you know it's easier to plan yourself when you have a budget? Write down your monthly budget and stick to it. Let dependents know that you work by a budget and can only spend within your limit.

Ways to Cut Monthly Expenses and Reduce Spending | Women Who Money

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