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How To Start An Affordable Poultry Farming In Kenya For Commercial Purposes.

Poultry farming is the process of keeping is the keeping of birds either for commercial purposes or domestic. The birds kept are chicken, ducks, turkeys and geese. Many Kenyans are dwelling mostly in chicken farming because it is the most famous economic activity as compared to tearing other birds.

In this article, I am going to dwell on affodably rearing of chicken for commercial purposes. There are two types chickens reared and they are the broilers for their meat and layers for their eggs. Most hotels in our small towns and big cities in Kenya they buy eggs and broilers in large quantity hence chicken farming might be huge source of income.

The following guide gives the basics of coming up with a successful Poultry farming in Kenya.

1. Have a business plan and choose the type of Poultry farming you want to venture in.

Your business plan should base on where you intent to get the finance, the market opportunities you have, the resources available and the main objectives to be achieved.

Select wisely on which poultry farming you want to undertake either layers or broilers and make sure you pick the best breed.

2. Is your chicken farming large or small scale

Large scale chicken farming will require large piece of land as compared to small scale farming. The high intensive it is the more the expenditure. Start with the type of farming that will be appropriate for you.

3. Resources available

The farmer should ensure that you have enough capital to erect an appropriate chicken house that is spacious and ventilated. Ensure you carry out transportation of chicks that are nearly to be hatched so as to enable them adapt to the environment easily.

Ensure you install appropriate equipments in the poultry house and avail the appropriate feeds.

4. Market

After you have planned all this and already set, identify a market for your chickens. You could give an earlier booking in a hotel or certain market.

5. Staff and accounting

Your farm should have a person always taking care of the poultry farm. The staff should put down appropriate record on how the farming is fairing on. Proper accounting will give good profit.

The above guidelines should give you an idea on the best poultry farming to realize the best income. Share your views with us in the comment box below for more business ideas.

Content created and supplied by: Lisutsa_Robert254 (via Opera News )

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