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Mushroom Farming, Step by Step

Mushroom farming is arguably one of the most profitable business one can invest in. You do need capital to start,but do not be intimidated by that. Currently, the demand is higher than supply and despite the fact that there is a lot of work to do, the returns are worth taking the opportunity.

Mushrooms can grow in almost every part of the country as long as there is water supply and shelter. I will take you through the process step by step.


You will need a simple house where you will do the farming. It does not have to be expensive, just a simple mud house with wooden shelves and you are good. It will however need to be well aerated. If the roof is made of iron sheets instead of grass, place carton boards on the inside of the roof. You will need a thermometer to know how to regulate the temperature in the structure.


The substrate is where the mushrooms grow, examples include rice straw, bean straw, wheat straw etc. A bale of wheat straw goes for about Kshs.200. The number of bales depend on the size of your house. The substrate needs to be well prepared and sterilized, and if need be ask for professional assistant.


This is where you will plant the seeds. one bag usually goes for about Kshs.15.They are durable if well handled, and can be reused as long as they are well cleaned and sterilized after every season.


Buy the seeds from a trusted source. These seeds are called spawns (most common being button spawns). To be sure of the quality, buy them from KARI, OR JKUAT, or a trusted supplier. Poor quality seeds can ruin your whole investment. A kilogram of spawns goes for Kshs.1000.


-Good hygiene must be practiced to get high returns. Therefore you will need essential materials like gloves, methylated spirit and cotton wool

-For a beginner, i recommend that you start with a small farm, before starting a mega farm.

-Do not take shortcuts, they will only waste your investment.

-Seek professional assistant for the first one or two seasons to learn adequately

Follow this article for more ideas for investment.

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