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6 Strategies to Use When Marketing and Selling Your Poultry Products

It is uncommon to find a household that does not consume poultry meat, most especially chicken meat. However, despite the high demand for poultry meat across the globe, the quantities produced have not met the market demand. In this article I am going to discuss six sales and marketing strategies that poultry farmers should adopt to:

1.Know and Acquaint Yourself With Prospects

First, don’t start raising the chickens until you have surveyed the market and know what they want as well as the quantity. Also, get the contact details of potential buyers and top buyers in your locality and ensure that you let them know you will be selling to them soon. If possible, ask them the quantity they would be able to buy from you and note it down.

2.Know the demand cycle of the products

Try to know the peak sale periods for eggs or poultry meat for your target regions and then work backwards to link it to production period.Peak demands coincide with festivities like Easter holidays, Christmas among others.

3. Price affordably

Most Kenyans are generally price sensitive and will not pay more if a cheaper product is readily available. This is true in this industry. Price your products affordably.

4.Leverage on the Power of Networking

Form farmers group with other farmers or join existing ones. This will give you more exposure and the opportunity to connect or network with other farmers. Your co-farmers could link you up with customers and you will have more people to buy your chickens.

5.Slaughter and process your products

It is good if you can slaughter and process your chickens and sell to consumers. This is not difficult to do. You only need to process in a hygienic environment and ensure that you adhere to high standard sanitation and hygiene practices. Your packaging should be excellent to attract buyers.

6.Avoid Overproduction

One last and important thing is that you must not produce more than what the market demands. This is the reason why conducting a market survey is important.

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