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Rental Houses In Nairobi Are Full Of Drama

Nairobi city has a population of more than 5 million residents and most of them live in abject poverty. Affording a home is not an option for many and the majority live in rental houses. Some rental houses are very cozy but this also means that your landlord's pocket has to be cozy too. Single rooms, double rooms,one-bedrooms, and bedsitters are the most rented.

Where people live together and share common places like toilets, bathrooms, and water taps trouble is always around the corner. Rent is the biggest problem that every tenant has to deal with especially during this economic drought. The landlords can be very impatient and harsh. Kenyans being Kenyans always find excuses to delay payment and landlords are blessed with deaf ears.

People lock themselves up in the house to avoid meeting the landlord. When it's the end month the plots have few people because no one wants to be embarrassed by the landlord when rent is due. Some fall sick to incite the empathy of the landlord or agent. Cooking meat at the end of the month is not even possible because the landlord may think you have money. Landlords can do extreme things to get their rent.

Landlords put heavy padlocks on the door or they may take property as collateral. Apart from the rent issue sharing bathrooms and toilets is another tricky area. When there is a water shortage using these facilities is almost impossible. It requires sneaky skills to maneuver through the women and children of the flats who are hawk-eyed. Getting water also may often lead to battles for the much-coveted commodity.

Sexual relationships are another thing with most of the rentals being highly populated men and women have a wide variety of options to pick from. Married men and women have often been caught in the act giving the tenants a free show. Gossiping is also a trend because those who live there are jobless.

Nairobi has all kinds of people from different cultures and all have their own way of living. Diversity is what makes us proud Kenyans. Nairobi is a beautiful place to live in and has amazing experiences. Thank you for reading, share your experiences from rental houses by commenting.

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