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Sad: Tough Times Ahead for Kenyans After CBK Issues a Warning on What Awaits Them

Kenyans have been warned to be prepared for tough times ahead by the Central Bank of Kenya.

The Central Bank of Kenya Governor Patrick Njoroge has since disclosed that the tax measures Introduced will make Kenyans go through tough times ahead.

“If everything else was flat, meaning all other prices were not changing and the only change was due to these taxes and indexation, then inflation would be 1.78 percentage points,” said Dr Njoroge.

“That is the overall impact in terms of those measures,” said Njoroge in his post-Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) briefing in his office.

This will see Kenyans bear a tough burden of acquiring goods and services despite the fact that the current price is already unbearable by sone of the Kenyans already who are living below the daily means of livelihood.

Another aspect that may affect Kenyans more according to the Central Bank is the fact that low levels of rainfall will be expected this year unlike other years which will end up affecting agricultural production.

This will see low yields automatically and that will eventually lead to the demand going up and the price of commodities will ultimately rise making life even harder for Kenyans.

Kenyans are since expected to ensure that they leverage on their spendings as well as savings in order to have financial freedom when the tough times finally come.

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