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Business to Avoid at All Cost

Both employed and unemployed people look for money in all ways. Most of them have ventured into different kinds of business. Some have diversified in different businesses while others have specialised in one business. One sure thing is that they both make either profits or losses. For those who make profits, must have consulted before entering into that business. One business which is encouraged by most business experts not to invest in is a matatu business.This is because matatu is a business you don't have control over. You get a loan, but a matatu and wait for money everyday. Sometimes you don't get to see your vehicle since it's always on the road. Possibility of it getting involved in an accident is high due to reckless driving of our matatu drivers and you'll be the one to pay for the damage. Secondly there are always corrupt police officers on our roads. Any mistake on your vehicle, you get a call for you to pay the fine.

Sometimes the driver as well as the conductor cooperate with each other and cheat you that they have been kidnapped and 50k or 100k is needed for them to be released. You will send the money innocently without knowing you are being conned. At the end of the month,when you calculate, you are operating on a loss. This is bad since you also need to service your loans. For those who plan to start a road business, Uber is better than the matatu business.

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All Cost


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