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Top 5 Richest People In Kenya

The list of the top richest men in Kenya in the year ended 2021 has been listed. The latest research was done by Oxfam International. Their research has shown that the rich continue to be rich while the poor continue to struggle. Deputy President whom many people have termed as stinking rich is nowhere to be seen. The top 5 list include:

1. Sameer Merali Naushad.

He is the richest man in Kenya. He is worth 790 million dollars. This is equivalent to 89.6 billion shillings. His wealth emanates from real estate, banking, manufacturing, agriculture, and telecommunications.

2. Bhimji Depar Shah.

He comes the second richest with a net worth of 750 million dollars ( 85 billion shillings). Mr. Shah has his hands in consumer goods manufacturing especially his Bidco group of companies.

3. Jaswinder Singh Bedi.

He is worth 680 million dollars ( 77 billion shillings). His major source of wealth is the textile industry.

4. Kenyatta family.

Kenyatta's family becomes the fourth richest and the richest Africans. They are worth 530 million dollars, equivalent to 60 billion shillings. They have a wide range of investments. These include milk processing, banking, transport, media, and the hospitality industry.

5. Mahendra Patel.

He closes as the top five richest men. He is worth 430 million dollars. This is the same as 48 billion shillings. His investment includes hardware, office supply, and manufacturing.

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