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Kendu Bay: Fast-growing Lakeside Town with No Banking Services

The banking sector is the beating heart and lifeblood of any healthy economy. It is essential for economic progress and development. Banking is critical for releasing wealth, creating jobs, opening doors, and facilitating trade. The existence of mainstream banking in a community encourages residents to become more financially literate, resulting in a robust and stable economy. 

Unfortunately, Kendu Bay town, which has long been an economic hub in Homa Bay county, is plagued with poor banking. 

The town is ideally placed between Oyugis, Homa Bay Town, and Katito, among other key towns. It is connected to key routes throughout Homa Bay County. According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the town's population has increased by 14.8 percent in the last ten years. The total population of the town is currently 6,064 people. Because of the rich fishing industry and other economic activity, the ancient town is located along the shoreline of Lake Victoria, making it a perfect location for banking operations. As a sub-county headquarters, the town is home to civil servants, security personnel, teachers, and non-governmental organization employees, among others.

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