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Missapropriation Of Public Funds, Nepotism And Corruption Reported At Governor Roba's Office.

Governor Roba has been charasterised by mass looting, missapropriation of the funds, economic recession and zero development.

Since the assumtion of the office, the county received from the exchequer an amount totalling to billions shillings of which its whereabout is still untraceable, unnoticable in the subcounties and not in the circulation of the money.

These funds are suspectedly deposited and starched in the offshore accounts owned by the cartels at the helm of county leadership 

I believe in the sentiments of David murathe whereby he claimed that the money that were allocated to northern Kenya found its way into real estate industry that is why you see real estate boom in parklands, Eastleigh, south c and ngong forest.

The money that were allocated to steer and fund development projects in mandera county are invested in real estate industry in the city owned by the cartels in the leadership positions in Mandera county.

Let us join hands in ousting these monsters at the helm of county leadership before they sell us all.

Let the governor and his co-looters vacate the offices before the revolution reach them.

Hiring bloggers to threaten and undermine people's opinion can never deter us from speaking out our minds. 

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David Eastleigh Roba


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