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Kenya's Top Six Passive Income Investment Ideas

We understand that doing business isn't for everyone. Despite the potential benefits, many people realize that starting and operating a business takes a lot of time. Personal involvement and monitoring are required to flourish in every firm, especially in its early phases. In this essay, I'll discuss several investing opportunities in Kenya.

1. Unit trusts. A unit trust is a type of investment that allows you to pool your money with the money of other investors who have similar investment goals. The money is subsequently invested by experienced investment managers in a variety of financial assets. Equities, bonds, and cash, issued in both domestic and international markets, are among these assets. The total amount of the pool of invested funds is divided into units of equal worth. When you invest in unit trusts, you are referred to as a unit holder because you are purchasing a share of the entire fund's units.

2. Stocks. A share, also known as a stock, is a financial instrument that allows you to purchase a portion of a public limited company. Owning one of these shares gives you shareholder rights such as dividends.

3. Saccos. Saving money in a savings and credit co-operative society (Sacco) entails depositing money and receiving dividends in return. The money you put into the sacco is used to make loans to other members. This generates revenue in the form of interest on the loans. Members receive a percentage of the profits as dividends at the end of the year.

4. The real estate market. If you're looking for a different way to invest in Kenya in 2016, consider real estate. Land is a valuable commodity. Land accessible for cultivation or housing is dwindling as the human population grows. Real estate is an extremely profitable investment option in Kenya for 2016. Buy large chunks, divide them into smaller pieces, then sell them after a year or less. Within a few years, returns can be as high as 100% or much higher.

5.Treasury Bills. In Kenya, investing in Treasury Bills is a risk-free choice for 2016. Investing in Treasury Bills is essentially a loan to the Kenyan government, which is facilitated by the Central Bank. After a set period of time, the government promises to repay you with interest. Your investment is risk-free since the government will always pay.

6. Bonds issued by the Treasury Department. Treasury bonds, like Treasury bills, are issued by the government to raise funds. Treasury bills, on the other hand, are longer-term products with a one-year maturity and a minimum investment value of Sh50,000. Treasury bonds, like Treasury bills, do not allow you to lose money, but the returns are also minimal. For individuals who are busy and wish to generate some passive income without breaking a sweat, treasury bonds are an excellent investment choice in Kenya for 2016.

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