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Why you will remain to be poor if you don't stope the following behaviour.

Everyone want to be the beast until the time comes to do what the beast does. Life is and has never been friendly to anyone, both death and alife can a test to this fact. However everyone want to be rich but when the time come to do what the rich does, they exclude themselves. The following traits will continue making you much poorer than you think.

1. The kind of friends you keep.

What kind of friends do you keep? The alcoholic one? The lazy one? Day dreamers? Business minded friends? You have heard time and again that show me your friends and I will tell you your character. The same applies in real life situation. Walk with alcoholics and be sure you will be one of them, walk with thieves and you will be one of them, walk with business minded people and you will attract wealth. Your life is like a magnet, it only attract what we surround it with.

2. Squandering everything you get, don't save.

I have heard time and again that we only live once, and so, enjoy your self. That is wrong. We live many days, we die once. Spending everything and by the middle of the month you have borrowed from friends, apps like Zenka, Fuliza and already taken advance from your salary is a sure way to send one self in to deep furnaces of poverty. It is true, it is your money but use it responsibly, use money to attrack money. Avoid unnecessary loans from sacco which always entice you whenever they feel your payslip is growing fat. Only take a loan when you already have a well thought out business idea.

3. Living beyond your limits.

Don't live high, like in a five star hotel to satisfy someone if what you can afford is a "kibanda" To men, marry a lady of your class, the one who understands your pocket well. Don't get mixed up. You will always meet more beautiful ladies. Be disciplined and pick one. You will never be satsified because you will always meet those beautiful ladies from different walk of life. Save your pocket by choosing only one lady who will help you achieve all your life dream. Otherwise, you will always remain as poor as a church mouse.

4. Ego, ie a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance.

Feeling that you are very much educated and so, too selective for jobs available. The reason is that education my brother! Some educated fellows think they should stick to their course and through it, it should make the ends meet which leads to unemployment because of job selection. There's knowledge and then there's wisdom.


They are educated meaning they acquired knowledge and not wisdom. As much as knowledge is important wisdom is "importanter". Don't be choosy.

Success in life is a choice. So choose to be a success in all that you do. Add value into your life, read something new. Become a Leader, a Leader reads ahead & sets the pace for others to follow. Leadership is responsibility, it's a good thing so don't be afraid of it.

Make up your mind to be the best in all you do, in your job, in your business, in your relationships. Do more than what you are paid for! Serving is a gift so accept it & serve with love.

All in all money is not everything! There is NO reason for anyone to play small, there is nothing enlighting about shrinking. Take a stand, believe that you are success and serve your world with the best of you!

Feel free to share with your friends and help them grow financial muscles, comment and like my post. Follow me for more articles like this one. Stay blessed pals.

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