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Meet The Country That Is Successfully Making Artificial Rains For Agricultural Production (Photos).


China is country located in East Asia. It is the largest of all Asian countries with an approximate area of 9,596,960 square kilometres. China is such a science oriented country. It focuses mainly on new technological developments that can help solve the prevailing social and economic problems.

Currently, China is making artificial rains to eradicate drought which negatively affects agricultural activities. China is using a technology known as Cloud Seeding to make rains. The process involves use of aircrafts or cannons to place catalysts like silver iodide, dry ice and salt powder on the clouds. This increases the amount of precipitation received in an area.

Through use of this sophisticated technology, China has been able to expand crop and animal production in Tibet and Xinjang areas. In a nutshell, the artificial rain making technology has led to increased agricultural yields in China.

In your own opinion what can you say about use of artificial rains in China and to the rest of the countries who may want to employ the strategy in eradicating drought?

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