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Make millions farming avocadoes

Like any other kind of farming, avocado farming can be a rewarding venture too. Avocadoes maybe grown throughout the country as long as all requirements are met. Requirements such as reliable water and fertile soil.

It is a suitable venture for any farmer Willing to invest his/her capital which will in turn prove to be highly profitable. For instance, with an extremely good grower, you might get over 15,000 pounds of avocadoes but for the average grower, you might get 5,500 pounds which sounds good. The profit from every 60 or 70 avocado tree equals about $3000 per year.

There are various varieties grown in Kenya which include, lamb Hass, shepard, Reed, wurtz, roustocks and Hass which is mostly grown in most parts of the country. Hass avocado variety is a darling among many farmers due to its high price and market which might range from local to international.

For starters, hass is considerably the best. Don't go for any other variety unless you want losses. My main aim is to make sure you farm the right way and get your preffered profits.

Avocado farming is a long-term project that takes 2 years for the trees to come into production. To reap healthy rewards, a farmer needs to adopt specific practices so as to maintain a healthy plantation that yields top production for many years.

Avocados can be grown from either seedlings or from the seeds. However, Hass avocados, which are preferred in the export market, are best grown from grafted seedlings. Grafting improves the variety by increasing its resistance to diseases, hence increasing the yield and increases its adaptability to various soils. The seedlings should be inspected by a professional so as to ensure that they are free from diseases. 

The soil should be loosened as deep as possible. In shallow soils – ridges of 3m wide and 0.5m high are recommended to increase soil depth and drainage. Inter-row spacing should be planned to allow equipment access. Tree density depends on the climate and the variety.

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