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India billionaires fleeing out of the country

With the high surge of infection, alot of rich people are fleeing out of India. Recently India has recorded over 350000 Covid-19 infection in a daily global record. According to a report by a local media company. The country health Care system have been overwhelmed and has led to shortage of oxygen.

Most of this rich India are grouping themselves and organising a flight using private jets to countries such as Dubai but there have been some request to countries such as Thailand .The cost of hiring this private jet is quit expensive with a jet going for 138,000USD. This is not a surprise to most of us since we all know the the country experience a lot of inequalities in terms of income distribution

In New Delhi which is most hit by the disease it is reported that in every four minutes one person dies from the disease. The Us government on Saturday said it was highly concerned with the situation and it will soon deploy some health workers to the country.

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