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Ways You Can Earn A Living From Agriculture Without Owning AFarm

1.Know the agricultural market prices of food items from different towns or countries this is the supply and demand.Buy the food items where it's cheap and sell in places with high demand thus selling expensively.

2.Train farmers in successful agricultural business.The skills each farmer need are: group management, savings and financial management, Marketing and basic businesses, technology and innovation for sustainable production

3.Set up cereal banks to store food items.In season of plenty farmers sell their supplers.Storing the cereals will help at times of scarcity sell to the community at a profit.Maize,rice and wheat are often in demand during dry season.

4.Connect farmers with local and international markets.Buying at lower price and exporting the produce abroad in large quantities.This can be flowers and food items.

5.Developing mobile phone apps,sms,and websites that help farmers improve production by connecting them with experts in agricultural sector and other farmers with experience in the field.It also warns farmers on weather patterns an prediction of market prices.

6.Provide truck to transport farm produce from villages to point of collection and towns and share the profits.

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