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Shicco Waweru Inspiring Journey Of Success

Sometimes when it is not your turn for being successful, you just need to wait on God. For Shicco Waweru the founder of Limavest company, her luck came years after she became an ecd teacher. This is a farming company where people are able to invest their money on farming activities like pineapple farms, honey harvesting and goat rearing ranch.

This idea came to her years after she got married and she had her second child. Being weak and staying at home is when she meditated of having something for the stay at home mothers to invest their money and get to earn from that. She saw it better if she could have a company that could help in that especially for also the single mothers for them to have something for their children.

She communicated with her husband mr Waweru before she quit being an Ecd Teacher. He agreed to help her out and it started so well as they got a good land in Malindi. Being a very hot area, pineapples tend to do well in those areas. It was also very nice because the area had big pieces of land that they bought before starting to sell it out.

Shicco being the director has always wanted to get their company to a higher level. She has been so busy trying to find out products she could add to make the company even much better as days goes by. She started by adding on goats ranches that was received so well. This has been the most bought package so far. She is proud of herself for the big progress she has made in life. She even saw it better for the youth to also have a place they could invest their money and started a honey harvesting one which is the cheapest.

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