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The Kenyan Town Without any Bank

Banks play a major role in boosting the economic growth of any country. Kenya has been known to be having a fast growing economy over a long period of time. Most towns in Kenya tend to have at least two or three different banks that offer banking services to locals.

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However, there is one town in Kenya where there is no single bank. Kendu Bay, one of the oldest towns in the country does not have any bank. If you walk around its streets, you'll hardly spot any bank. Why could this prestigious town miss a bank building in it?

Residents from the area are forced to go to the neighboring nearest towns where they can access their banking services.

Perhaps the population around the area does not embrace the culture of using banking halls. Most people might have resolved to using mobile banking and other services which do not require a physical bank.

Besides, one other major reason could be that the population of the people in the area does not attract many banks to be bilt there. However, a bank is a major economic booster in any area or developing town.

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