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4 Businesses You Can Start With Two Thousand Shillings

Most kenyans lost their jobs due to the corona virus pandemic. Some closed their shops and stalls have not reopened since then.

However there is always light at the end of the tunnel. These are four businesses one can start with just a capital of two thousand kenyan shillings.

1. Selling kids' clothes.

Kids clothes are always in demand. They are also easy to thrift .For example, a one-year old's trouser can be bought at just twenty shillings. One can thrift and resell at fifty shillings and hence earning profit.

2. Thrifting ladies shoes.

This is one of the untapped businesses. Ladies' shoes are cheaper as compared to men's shoes. One can thrift one pair at a hundred shillings and resell at just three hundred hence earning profit.


Grocery are cheaper at the main markets hence one can buy one particular grocery like tomatoes and then resell then at a higher price to people who cannot easily access the main markets.

4.Fast foods selling

This is one of the easiest businesses to start. With just a capital of two thousand shillings one can start earning.Chips, samosas and sausages are types of this fast going foods.

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