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Kenyans React After 68 Business Cartels Arrested By DCI Over This Allegations

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Doing business is one best method of investing and business people in this country are the most richest people. In this country there are many types of business whereby an individual who have capital can start and become self employed.

Illegal business is against the government law and those who involve in those businesses should be arrested and fined because they don't have government license to own that business.

Today 68 people have been arrested for conducting illegal businesses without a permit from the ministry in Kakamega County. According to the report shared by Citizen TV news in their social media platforms those individuals were conducting illegal business of pharmaceutical hence endangering people's lives.

They were selling illegal medicines drugs to people without any license and many of them don't have documents to show that they are qualified.

According to a statement from that boad, that operation targeted unlicensed premises pilfered government drugs, illegal medicines hawker and illegal restricted medicine marketer in the open air market.

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During that operation at least 133 cartons of assorted medicines were seized during the raid including government supplied medicine found at private chemistry at Mayoni market in Kakamega county.

That incident have elicited many questions on Kenyan netizens and have shared their different opinions and thoughts concerning it. For example.

Some people are blaming the government corrupt officials because according to them the government is working with those business cartels to sell those government medicines.

Some netizens also have said maybe those people are involving themselves in that illegal business because they want to survive due to lack of employment.

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