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Different types of Decision making

Organizing and personal decisions,this are decisions taken by an executive in his official capacity or on behalf of the organization are known as organisational decisions. The authority for taking such decisions can be delegated and such decisions have a direct bearing on the functioning of the organization.

Routine and strategic Decisions they relate to the day -to -day operations of the organization .They are taken repetitively in accordance with the established policies,practices and procedures.They can be taken without much thought and deliberation.

Policy and Operating Decisions are of vital importance and they affect the entire organisation. Therefore, they are taken by top management.such decisions set forth the basic policies and general direction of the enterprise.

Individual and Group Decision,may be taken either by an individual or by a group of persons. A decision taken by an individual or single person is known as individual decision. Individual decisions are taken in small organisations or in those organisations which operate under autocratic style management.

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