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Four Profitable, Small Business Ideas

Maybe you are a full time working dad but you want to supplement your income. That is why you need a side business with a reasonable return. But it' s tough to find that perfect idea with serious income potential.

However, I am a big supporter of keeping your day job and starting a small business on the side. No matter how rewarding your full time job is, it' s never a bad idea to start and run a business of your own.

Working for yourself gives you a sense of accomplishment. Other parks include financial independence, job security and tax beliefs.

A profitable business is one that generates enough revenue to cover all expenses, costs and taxes and leaves some to feed your pockets.

However, you don' t need to spend a fortune to start a business. There are several small business ideas with investment and high profit.

1. Sell storage sheds. Everyone needs storage space these days; it' s hard to find a backyard that doesn' t have a storage shed. Space is hard to come by and you can capitalize on that.

Storage sheds come in a variety of designs and sizes. If you love building stuff, this can be a great way to engage your creative energies while building a part time business. In this case you don' t need formal training to do this type of business. If you don' t have time to build your own sheds, you can become a dealer.

2. Pressure washing business. Pressure business ranks high among the most profitable small business ideas for men. You don' t really need training in this. This business doesn' t require huge capital to start and won' t chain you to desk.

3. Home inspector. Becoming a home inspector might not have been up on your list of small business ideas. It can give you the pay and flexibility you have always dreamt of having.

Many people need a property inspected before they decide whether or not to rent or buy it. It' s not just about looking around people' s homes, you also need to leave your clients with a comprehensive report.

However, you will need to stay updated with legislation and network with local real estate agents to succeed. Some states require licensing, so be sure to check the requirements for your area.

4. Open a laundromat. People need their clothes washed and not everyone can afford a washer and dryer. Offering home based laundry services is another way to make money without investing much money or learning new skills.

In this case you don' t require any previous work experience to manage coin operated laundry machines. Depending on your location, you may or may not need licensing to start this business.

Therefore, your location will determine how fast your business becomes successful. Places near residential apartments, colleges and busy offices are the best target.

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