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Growing of onions in 1acre Of Land Can Earn 900000 in 4Months When You Follow These Guidelines

When you are preparing lunch or supper you have to use onion. We say that onion is a basic ingredient when cooking.

Did you know that you can earn ksh900000 from onions planted in 1 acre of land? From 1 acre of land you can harvest 15000kilograms of onions. When you calculate with the current market price per kilogram which is ksh60 you will earn 900000 within a period of 4months.This means per month you get ksh22500 .It’s time to say bye to poverty.


1acre of land=15000kgs of onions

 1kg of onion=ksh60

 15000kgs of onions=ksh?

(15000kgs*ksh60)/1kh=ksh 900000

In 4months you earn ksh900000

What’s about one month?



There different hybrids varieties of onions seeds available for planting in Kenya. Most known are red hybrid, yellow hybrid and white early hybrid 

          Steps when ensured will make you

A) Prepare the onion nursery bed which should be of breadth of approximately 1.5 meters and any length. Then add DAP fertilizer at a rate of 21grams per meter square.

b) In the nursery, develop shallow furrows along which you spread onions seeds. Close the furrows after spreading with soil then cover nursery bed using grass which will act as mulches.

C) Irrigate the seed for about 12days and then uncover the nursery because the seeds have germinated.

d) Irrigate the germinated seeds for about six weeks then transplant them.

e) Now you can transplant them in an open field.

f) After transplanting provide care to the onions .after around 3months after transplanted the onions will have matured and you can harvest them and take to the marketing for selling.

If you want to get money and you have land let’s try planting onions.

Content created and supplied by: @Princesstycoon (via Opera News )


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