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Subsidized Fertilizer: Where to Buy, Maximum Amount To Buy, Full Price List and More Details

One of President William Ruto's top goals after only one week in office is the fertilizer subsidy scheme, the details of which have been made public by the administration. For the purpose of developing food crops, the National Treasury has made Ksh3.55 billion available to subsidize 71,000 metric tonnes of fertilizer, or roughly 1.42 million 50kg bags.

The discounted fertilizer will be accessible beginning on September 19 in depots and sub-depots nationwide operated by the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB). A maximum of 100 50kg bags will be available to individual farmers at the discounted rates.

Farmers in short-rainfall regions that needed fertilizer were urged to contact their local NCPB depot or sub-depot to obtain the subsidised fertilizer. The fertilizers DAP, CAN, UREA, NPK, MOP, and sulphate of ammonia are among those that are available.

The Covid-19 economic impact and the crisis in Ukraine were highlighted by the administration as factors in the high cost of inputs. It brought attention to the necessity of reducing input costs in order to raise agricultural output.

Ruto maintained during his campaigns that his administration will prioritize funding for agriculture in order to combat enduring food insecurity. Improvements to agro-processing and the implementation of several county economic charters, which include agriculture projects in various regions, are among the initiatives he has pledged.

When he took office on Tuesday, September 13, Ruto proposed a subsidy that would reduce the cost of fertilizer by 50% to Ksh3,500 per bag. It aims to increase food production in an effort to reduce the rising cost of living brought on by high fuel and food costs. The full subsidized price list is shown below:

DAP – Ksh 3,500

CAN – Ksh 2,875

UREA – Ksh 3,500

NPK – Ksh 3,275

MOP – Ksh 1,775

Sulphate of Ammonia – Ksh 2,220

Source: Business today

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