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Bond investment

Tricks Kenyans Use To Make Money That You Can Employ In Your Daily Life

Kenya, being a third world country has its fair share of challenges. Poverty, corruption and diseases. To add salt to injury, the politicians rightfully elected are working day and night to impose outrageous reasons for us to pay more taxes. But that's a story for another day.

Lets focus on tricks you can learn from your politician to secure you're interests.

Hire people you trust and keep them closer than ever

You hardly go from town to town without hearing that a certain person from that town is a close associate to a certain person in the government. Why is this?

Politicians search for the very trustworthy persons to work with. This is because of the numerous number of people who would be willing to get close to them just to have a taste of their piece of cake.

In your business you need not hire a person based on merit only. You need to check out for basic human qualities such as honesty. Even the worst of politicians , the cunning little foxes in power value honest employees and award them pretty well.

Their employees own huge acres of land in the remote areas of the country with huge flocks of cattle.

Invest In Government Bonds

Government bonds are huge amounts of money set aside to bring development. It could be in form of billions of money meant for road constructions such as the Thika super highway or the standard gauge railway from mombasa to nairobi.

Government bonds could be bought for as little as one hundred thousand shillings. I would definitely prefer this option since they are a sure source of income after some time. This method is much more dependable than any other that I know of.

The only disadvantage is that it favors the rich as compared to the poor. This is because the larger your input in the government bonds, the higher your return.

It also requires one to have a huge amount of money such that once you invest in the bonds you need not run to withdraw every now and then. This is one of the sectors in which most government politicians and civil servants are fully invested in.

Try it out. Information is power and I give it freely as it has been shared with me.

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