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Secret of Becoming Rich Within Five Years

Poverty is the main issue that is affecting many people countrywide including youths.

There are many ways of overcoming poverty in a society and become rich within short period of time.

Poultry farming being so technical practice to many people, is the easiest way of getting money within short time.

Having only the capital of five thousand you can buy ten hens which is five hundred per each and maintain them keenly. One hen can lay 15 eggs which become 150 in total if all hens lay. You can decide to sell 50 eggs and incubate the rest giving ten eggs per hen so that they hatch within 3 weeks.

If one hen hatch like 8 chicks and they are ten hens that's 80 chicks. When you put them under good Care, they can mature within six to seven month. If these hens hatch five times a year, that is 400 chicken which is a good money when you sell them at 600 to 700 per each.

I encourage people to try this type of farming and they will get rich within a short period of time and they will overcome poverty and other challenges in life.Try it and you will smile at the end.

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