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Facts About The East Africa Community

The East Africa Community is home to SEVEN Countries, here are some amazing facts to know:

1. The EAC has a total area of 4.8 Million Sq.Kms, and DR Congo occupies nearly half of the region (49%).

2. The region is home to nearly 290 Million People, and DR Congo is home to nearly a third of the Region's Population.

3. The Region's GDP is estimated as 300 Billion USD, and Kenya’s GDP is the largest and nearly 37% of the Region's GDP.

4. By per Capita, the estimate in 2021 is 1,030 USD, with Kenya’s having the largest per capita of 2,006 USD.

5. By Area, the Region is nearly 15.8% of Africa's area; and the Region's population is approximately 23.8% of the continent’s population.

6. The Region has approximately 444,227 Sq.Km of arable land, which is about 25% of Sub-Sahara Arable Land.

7. Rwanda has the highest life expectancy in the region estimated as 69 years and South Sudan has the lowest estimated as 58 years.

8. DR Congo has the highest fertility rate of 5.7 in the region, and Kenya has the lowest estimate of 3.4.

9. Only about 37% of the Region's Population has access to electricity, highest in Kenya at 71.4% and lowest in South Sudan at 7.2%.

10. The Region's annual renewable water is estimated as 1,531 cubic kilometres which is nearly 40% of Africa's annual renewable water.

11. Tanzania is home to the 2nd deepest lake in the world, and the 2nd largest lake by volume, that is, Lake Tanganyika.

12. Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda are home to the World 2nd largest lake by Surface Area.

13. Tanzania is home to the tallest mountain in Africa, and Kenya is home the 2nd tallest mountain in Africa. Uganda and DR Congo are home to the 3rd tallest mountain in Africa.

14. The Region is home to the Longest River in the World, River Nile.

15. DR Congo is home to the World’s Deepest River, which is also the World’s 2nd Largest River by Volume, River Congo and the only River that crosses the Equator twicem

16. Kenya is home to the largest desert Lake in the World, Lake Turkana.

17. The Region is home to the one of the largest concentration of Lakes in the World, the Great Lakes.

18. Kenya and Tanzania are home to the famous Wild Beast Migration, that witnesses over 2 Million wild beast cross over the plains.

19. DR Congo is home to one of the largest concentration of minerals, whose worth is estimated as 30 Trillion USD (more than USA GDP in 2021).

20. Kenya is home to some of the elite long distance athletes in the world, and Uganda is currently giving Kenya a run for their money.

21. Rwanda and Burundi are the most densely populated countries in mainland Africa, with an estimate of 440 and 402 people per

22. Uganda has the 2nd youngest population in the world by median age, with an estimate of 16 years and DR Congo comes 6th.

23. South Sudan is home to the Sudd Swamps, one Africa's largest wetlands and the largest freshwater wetland in the Nile Basin.

24. Despite the enormous wealth in the region, nearly 40 Million people in the region are currently facing acute food insecurity requiring humanitarian assistance.

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