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Photos Of Best Poultry Houses That You Should Built To Maximize Production Of Your Chickens

Chicken farming is a vital economic activity. It is a great source of food, income, manure, feathers and to some extent earns foreign exchange to a given country. Chickens are kept for eggs and meat production. Chicken meat is very delicious and an important source of proteins.

For a poultry farmer to maximize yields of his or her chickens, proper housing must be put in place. Poultry houses helps in preventing intruding humans and predators that might kill or steal the chickens. In addition, these houses helps in preventing diseases like fowl pox and coccidiosis.

There different designs of poultry houses a farmer can use for keeping chickens. The following are some of the photos of the designs of poultry houses a farmer can use depending on the scale of production i.e population of chickens in the farm.

When constructing the above poultry houses, the farmer must ensure that the sleeping section of chickens is raised about one metre above the ground to prevent floods incase it rains.

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