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Good News to Kenyans As Maize Price Drops by Ksh 200

New Year, New Beginning!

It is with great joy that Kenyans can now breath a sigh of relief after a drop of Unga prices from Ksh5000 to Ksh4800, a drop of Ksh200. As addressed to TUKO NEWS, KFA Director Kipkorir Menjo confirmed that farmers have released their produce to the market after unrestfull harvesting season.

According to Business Daily, it was noted that the price of a 90kg bag of maize dropping by Ksh200 was due to Millers report of an increase in availability of maize. This signaled a relief to consumers ahead of February imports.

"The prices have moved down in the last couple f weeks and we are paying Ksh5000 when delivered to us at the gate and Ksh48000, when we buy directly from the farms," Atin Aggarwal, the chief executive of Trade Millers stated.

Following the decline of the maize prices, millers have also reduced the cost of a bale of unga from Ksh2080 to Ksh1950, which sighed a great relief to Kenyan consumers.

This comes following a press release by Agriculture Cabinet Secretary, Mithika Linturi who assured Kenyans that the price of Unga and rice shall drop coming February. The CS noted that the drop of prices will be occasioned by imports that the government is planning to do to help Kenyans.

"We are going to import maize and rice. The projections are so bad that if we don't, our people will die of hunger," stated Linturi. According to the CS, the imports will bridge the gap which was left by measures of mitigation placed by government to control food crisis in the country.

Summary: The Director of Kenya Farmers Association (KFA), Kipkorir Menjo has confirmed the release of farmers' produce to the market. The price of 90kg bag of maize reduced from ksh5000 in December to ksh4800. With this decline, millers have subsequently reduced the cost of a bale from Ksh2080 to Ksh1950.

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