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'From Earning A Salary Of 30K To A Millionaire. These Rules And Tips Will Help You' CEO Advices

Meet Reuben Kimani who was once an employee earning a monthly salary of 30K. Today, he is the CEO of a Real Estate Company and has a net worth of millions of Kenya shillings.

Mr. Reuben shares his journey to becoming a millionaire and the principles that he lived by to achieve this.

The first principle is grow your career (if employed) or business (if you are self-employed) so that it keeps generating more income. He Advices that one has to not only work hard but also smart.

Secondly, is too grow your investment. According to him, it is more realistic to expect an investment of 1 Million such as land to grow and gain value to be worth 100 M in 10 years. However it is not possible for a salary worth 30K to grow to 10M within one year. 

The millionaire went ahead to share priceless tips that have always been his mantra. Firstly, Join a Sacco as they offer loans at interest rates that are lower than other financial lending institutions.

Additionally, this is how you should spend their salary or profit from business. 50%-of the income should go for your needs, 30% should be spent on your wants and 20% should be spent on financial goals such as an investment scheme. Remember to be consistent in your investments.

His parting shot: "Your salary or savings wont make you a millionaire but investments will. Always remember that."

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