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Where The Money Is : The Pros and Cons Of AirBnB Rental Business In Kenya


Air BnB is a rental concept that has gained world wide acceptance. The business name is coined from Air Bed and Breakfast .

It basically involves renting out of your apartment or room to travellers or tourists for a day or so. The idea has become common place in our country with many home owners playing host and making good money out of it. Imagine charging 2,000 shillings a day for a house you'd let for 10,00 a month. The reality is that you are likely to make double if you adopt the Airbnb system.

The concept is gaining ground in Kenya. With the COVID pandemic, many people were forced to work from home and this further increased demand for cheap accommodation. Many landlords are cashing in on this to increase their income and get value for their property.

Just as with all businesses, there are pros and cons. AirBnB is no exception. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of AirBnB in Kenya.


1.More room at less price

Most AirBnBs have an edge over hotels in that they offer more space than traditional hotels and lodges at a better price. Most hotels will feature a basic room with a bed, a shower room and a toilet. With Airbnb, guests have a full house to themselves.

2.AirBnBs have Kitchens

Hotel rooms lack kitchens and for this they charge exorbitantly for meals. With AirBnBs, guests can prepare their own meals therefore cutting down on dining expenses.

3. Better amenities

AirBnBs have a variety of amenities when compared to hotels. What's more is that the amenities can be customised to suit a client's preferences. Clients get more amenities at no extra charge such as rooms with better entertainment , variety of TV channels, activities such as bicycle riding, games and faster WiFi.

4. AirBnBs are mostly in neighborhoods.

Most of the Airbnb rentals are located in hoods therefore according your clients more authentic fun, cheaper shopping and better interaction with people.

5. Reliable and Credible Information

Property owners provide reliable information to visitors as compared to hotel staff. Home owners will tend to direct you to authentic places with bargain prices as they know the locality well.

6.Less Cost

AirBnBs are cheaper by far. In fact, they offer costs that are half the price of the neighbouring hotels. If a hotel charges 3,500 per day for bed and breakfast, you can be sure to get an AirBnB at 1,500 in the vicinity.

7. Flexibility

AirBnBs are more flexible as you can rent a house just for a party. There's more privacy for groups of people. This makes clients feel at home as you can cook what you wish, do your laundry , walk around without invading someone's in privacy and create the comfort you wish for.


Most of the cons of AirBnB are burdened by the host.

To the client, there's the inconvenience of a lengthier booking process. Unless you are a repeat client who has developed a relationship with a property owner, you'll have to make do with online booking. The problem with this system is that what you are offered may not be what you get.

To the property owners, there are a myriad of problems faced.

1.Petty theft

Most clients tend to carry away stuff from these rentals. Most owners complain of loss of items such as pillow cases, electronics and cutlery.


Some people cause damage that costs the owner more than the rental bill. Damage to paintwork and electrical appliances tops the list. Some people fight in there and damage property.


Since trashing and littering are some of our common odd behaviours, expect to do some cleaning especially for clients who can't pick after themselves. This behaviour can increase the overhead costs of running an AirBnB rental by a huge margin.

4.Hiked Rent

A tenant can sublet a rented premises as Airbnb. The problem with this is that the landlord can raise the rent or at worse evict you for breach of contract.

5. Hosting a Criminal

Just as with hotels, you can find yourself on the wrong side of the law for hosting someone with a criminal record. It's obvious that criminal elements don't like being static hence Airbnb and hotels make good hideouts.

6. Noisy Visitors

Some visitors will become a nuisance especially if they get rowdy or play loud music. This is common among youngsters and the party types. Therefore it's important as a homeowner to make it clear to your tenants about this beforehand.

Whether you are a host or a client, Airbnb will get you better value for money. Property owners stand to get more money with less operating expenses while visitors pay cheaper rates than they'd pay at hotels with more flexibility.

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